Golf Swing Analysis and Custom Golf Club Fitting

Golf Swing Analysis The experts at Custom Golf use a variety of methods to design golf clubs that work with your physique and golf swing. The club fitting professionals will discuss the enhancements and drawbacks of your current equipment. Measurements will be taken and you will be free to hit a few balls for analysis.  All of these factors help determine the best clubs for your swing characteristics and impact pattern.

Golf Swing Analysis is used to determine carry distances, launch angles, club head speeds, ball speeds, face impact, and azimuth. These measurements will help determine the amount of flex you should have in the shafts of your golf clubs, the best length for your clubs, the best type of clubhead, and the lie angle for your club head and grips. Swing analysis takes about an hour to complete.

Excellence in Golf Club Craftsmanship

Golfers from novice through professional utilize Custom Golf for its experience, craftsmanship, and professional service. Kelly Mettert, owner of Custom Golf, has years of clubmaking and repair experience, which he has used to hone the professionals at Custom Golf. At Custom Golf in Ft. Wayne, you receive the utmost service, from accomplished golfers, who, with the help from cutting edge technology, examine your golf swing to provide you with the finest, personalized equipment.

Kelly has met the highest standards of academic proficiency, applied technology, and excellence in craftsmanship. These standards include certifications in the areas of club making, club fitting, and club repair.

Custom Golf provides a wide variety of services, including custom club fitting, custom club building, professional analysis of existing clubs, reshafting, regripping, loft and lie adjustments, and lengthening or shortening of clubs. A variety of minor repairs are also available.

Golf Swing Analysis

Golf Swing Analysis provides accurate and detailed analyical data on the physics of your golf swing.

  • Carry distances
  • Launch angles
  • Ball speeds
  • Club head speeds
  • Face impacts and azimuth

Custom Club Fitting

The technical information provided from your physique and swing characteristics is used to design and build your perfect golf clubs.

  • The proper flex in your shaft
  • The best clubheads for your swing
  • The best clubhead lie angle
  • The best length for your body

Golf Club Fitting

The computerized golf swing analysis elevates the art of club fitting to the highest level of precision, providing the golf industry's most accurate measurements of swing speed, ball speed, ball launch angle, backspin, sidespin, swing path, face angle, and lie angle. Once the golf swing analyzer captures the swing of your club as well as the projection of the golf ball, both just after impact, these measurements are then analyzed to make the best adjustments and/or changes to your Golf Clubs.  Once complete, your clubs will work well with your physique and swing characteristics to help improve your golf game.

Quality Equipment for Your Golf Game

Building a great set of custom golf clubs to compliment your game starts with selecting the right components. Custom Golf chooses top quality clubheads, shafts, and grips from a variety of leading manufacturers, which provides the flexibility for you to choose the parts for your clubs.

Golf Club Heads - Shafts - Grips

Custom Golf chooses top quality club heads, shafts, and grips from a variety of leading manufacturers, which means you are free to choose the parts for your clubs.